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Here at Cleeve Pest Control, we always hope that we don’t need to meet you because you don’t experience a pest control problem.  But if you do, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are Cheltenham’s premier pest controllers and can help combat any kind of pest problem.  But what kind of work do we do?

Vermin control

For some, rats and mice are a natural part of the environment or even a pet.  But if you find them in your home when you don’t want them, then you need vermin control to deal with the problem.  In our many years in the trade, we have seen all levels of rat or mice infestations and have different approaches to dealing with them, depending on the situation.  We are always discreet and efficient and can offer free estimates and advice to our customers.

Rat populations are on the rise across the UK and there are estimated to be some 81 million rats across the UK.  Mice aren’t as common but there are still plenty of them around.  Both can cause serious damage in the house because they gnaw at everything and spread disease, especially with their droppings.  So, if you think you have a problem, getting vermin control help quickly is key.


You don’t find many people that have anything good to say about wasps.  And when you start noticing them around your home, there’s always the worry that you have a wasp’s nest.  Especially if you have kids, pets or an allergy to their stings (some of which can be very serious).  So, another aspect of our pest control service is to help people with a wasp problem.

If you spot a lot of wasps flying around an area of your home or garden, then this might mean there’s a nest nearby.  They become a real nuisance, their stinging is a problem and the noise can be hugely irritating.  We can safely remove wasp nests – never try to do it yourself or you risk being badly stung.

Other pests

We also deal with a whole range of other pests that you might find taking up residence in your home.  Fleas are a common example, especially if you have pets.  They find their way into the house on the fur of your animals and lay their eggs, quickly breeding.  They also drain blood from animals and people and can pass on bacteria when doing this.

Bedbugs have been on the increase in recent years in the UK and can cause a major problem.  We can help you recognise the signs and deal with the problem quickly and discreetly to ensure the bugs don’t spread around the house.

Crawling insects of all kinds are okay if you see the odd one but when you see signs of an infestation, you need to get help quickly.  Some insects such as spiders can be beneficial as they eat flies.  But even they, in large numbers, can be a real pest.