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Cheltenham Pest Control

Being located close to the Cotswolds, Cheltenham homes can often experience pest control issues as vermin and insects spread across the town.  From rats and mice to wasps’ nests and flea infestations, Cleeve Pest Control is here to help deal with any problems you have and to ensure there’s only you and your family occupying your home.

Rat and mice problems

Few people like the idea of rats or mice running around their home.  These vermin can carry diseases and can be very destructive.  That’s why if you think you have unwanted guests in your home, it is important to get an expert out to check as soon as possible.

It can be shocking the ways that these critters can get into a house.  Stories of rats swimming up the U-bend of a toilet are not exaggerated – if they are motivated enough, it is astounding how they gain access.  So, if you have spotted a sign of a rat or mouse but don’t know how they are getting in, we can carry out an assessment to find the answer for you.

Creepy pests

Insects form a natural part of the ecosystem but there’s no reason you want them in your house.  Sure, the odd spider is not too big a deal but an infestation of fleas or a large number of silverfish is very unpleasant.  If you notice larger numbers or are being bothered by their presence, we can help.

Wasps nests are another common problem around the area.  These might be on the house, on outbuildings or even on trees around the garden.  While they are natural, they are also a nuisance and people can have bad reactions to a sting.  Never try to remove them yourself and instead let us use our tested method for wasp nest removal.

  • Handle all common pests including mice and rats
  • Help rid the home of bug infestations
  • Safely remove wasps’ nests from the home and outbuildings
  • Licensed pest control experts


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Whatever your pest problem, whether it be rats, mice, wasps, fleas or anything else, we can help. Based in Woodmancote near Cheltenham and Tewkesbury and covering the wider Gloucestershire area our friendly and experienced staff are waiting for your call and offer free quotes to rid you of unwanted pests in your property. Get in touch with us today.