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Pest control services across Gloucestershire

We can treat and cure a wide range of pest problems and infestations. In many cases you may be unsure of what exactly the problem is or which species is to blame. We offer friendly advice and are happy to offer highly competitive, free quotes. We cover most of Gloucestershire from Tewkesbury to Woodmancote and Cheltenham.

Other pests we remove

  • Rats and mice
  • Wasps
  • Bedbugs
  • Silverfish
  • Squirrels
  • Insects

Flea Removal

Flea eggs and pupae are not affected by insecticides which can be a problem considering one flea can lay up to 25 eggs per day. Fleas can develop from an egg to an adult in 18-26 days depending on the temperature of their surroundings. They can only lay eggs after taking blood from the animal they are living on.

Do you need professional pest control services?

Cleeve Pest Control are fully insured and qualified to deal with all kinds of domestic pests. If you require pest control in Cheltenham and surrounding areas, please contact us for a free quotation and to discuss your pest problem.

Are moles uprooting your garden?

Moles are only classed as a pest if they are causing a problem to the aesthetics of your garden. Burrowing lanes, raising molehills and killing garden lawns can cause moles to be controlled in domestic areas.


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OFFICE: 01242 674510
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Whatever your pest problem, whether it be rats, mice, wasps, fleas or anything else, we can help. Based in Woodmancote near Cheltenham and Tewkesbury and covering the wider Gloucestershire area our friendly and experienced staff are waiting for your call and offer free quotes to rid you of unwanted pests in your property. Get in touch with us today.