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Tewkesbury Pest Control

As with many cities that lie at the confluence of rivers, Tewkesbury can have its share of problems with pests.  Vermin such as rats and mice are among the most common problems, seeking sources of food and places to shelter.  Cleeve Pest Control offer our expertise to help deal with any pest control problem in your home and remove unwanted visitors.

Common pest control problems

We can handle all the most common pest control problems.  For example, if you find signs that you have rats or mice entering your home, you may want someone to examine the property.  Even a single animal can lead to a problem as this means they have a way to access the property.  We can assess the house or property to find where they are gaining access and offer solutions.  We can also deal with any vermin in the property in a safe and humane way.

There are other types of pests that may not seem as obvious as mice and rats but can still cause a lot of problems.  Top of the list are wasps.  Around the garden, they are no problem but if they build a nest around your house, they can be much more trouble.  The noise alone can stop people sleeping and mean you must keep windows shut.  We can remove wasps’ nests from any part of your home or outbuildings.

Don’t be pestered by pests

Our services cover all of Tewkesbury and the surrounding area so there’s no need to be pestered by pests.  We can help with issues such as fleas, bed bugs and other insect infestations as well as increased numbers of spiders and even squirrels in the loft.

  • Experienced, qualified pest control
  • Able to safely remove mice and rats
  • Help with less common pests and insects such as wasps’ nests
  • Cover Tewkesbury and surrounding areas


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Whatever your pest problem, whether it be rats, mice, wasps, fleas or anything else, we can help. Based in Woodmancote near Cheltenham and Tewkesbury and covering the wider Gloucestershire area our friendly and experienced staff are waiting for your call and offer free quotes to rid you of unwanted pests in your property. Get in touch with us today.