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No matter how hard we try, sometimes pests gain entry to our home.  For small pests like insects, this is almost impossible to stop.  For bigger pests such as rats and mice, there are steps we can take.  But what are the most common problems that pest controllers face and what signs are there that you need pest control services to your Cheltenham home?

Mice and rats

Top of the list of problems is vermin control – dealing with rats and mice.  There are a number of different species in the UK and all can cause problems.

House mice are active all year round and love warm, quiet spots such as lofts or cavity walls.  They cause problems because they constantly gnaw at things including furniture, packing and even wires in their quest to find food.  Mice can also spread disease.

Brown rats are the most common cause of pest problems in the UK.  You can spot signs of rat problems with droppings, teeth marks and smear marks.  They will even bite electrical cables which can cause a fire hazard.  Rats are also known as a source of disease.

Common insects

Wasps often make the list for least popular insect and for good reason.  Prone to stinging and to making nests that cause problems, wasps are a real household pest.  They often enter through open windows and build nests that can contain as many as 25,000 insects.  Normally they are found nesting in trees or bushes, even underground, but can also use lofts and wall cavities.

We have a number of fly species and all carry diseases that can lead to health problems including food poisoning.  Bluebottles and fruit flies are two of the most common.  There are both killed by DIY fly killer products but if you start to experience a higher number then you might want to have a professional check the home.

Spiders are seen as a pest, but this often isn’t the case.  British spiders are harmless despite their appearance and can actually help out around the home.  This is because they eat other pests such as flies and mosquitos.  But again, if you seem to be experiencing a high number of them then you might want to have an expert look at the property.

Less common pests

Ants are a common sight around the garden and you often discover an ant’s nest under warm and dry paving areas – the typical finely powdered soil is a sure sign.  But if you find ants in the home then this is not something you want, and a professional pest control service may be required to deal with the problem.

Cockroaches live in wall cavities and warm spots in the home.  They tend to emerge after dark and can eat almost any food they find.  They also carry many diseases and need to be dealt with quickly.

Getting the right help

Having a pest problem can be a major issue and even involve health problems.  If you think you have a pest problem, then you should get the right help as soon as possible to stop the spread and get control of the pests.