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Woodmancote Pest Control

Few homes around the country are completely without pests.  Sometimes it is a higher than average number of spiders or lots of mice in the outbuildings.  Other times it can be something inside the house that causes real problems like a flea infestation or the presence of rats or squirrels.  Whatever the problem, if your home is in Woodmancote, Cleeve Pest Control can help deal with the problem.

Common and uncommon pests

When most of us think of pest control, we think about vermin such as mice and rats.  These mammals can squeeze through ridiculously small openings to gain access to the house and can be tricky to remove.  Common methods of pest control might work for the odd rat but if you don’t know how they are getting in, you cannot ever be sure the home is free from them.

Part of our service is dealing with common and uncommon pests – how they gain access to the home, where they are and what is needed to remove them.  So, with rats and mice, this means finding the weak spot they are exploiting for entrance and dealing with it.  Then we can deal with the infestation and any other problems it has created.

All pests handled

Our service isn’t just about the most common types of pests either.  We have systems to deal with almost any type of infestation that British homes encounter.  This might mean removing a wasps’ nest or clearing out a flea infestation.  It might mean handling silverfish or bedbugs that have found their way into the house.  It might even mean getting squirrels out of the loft or stopping moles digging up your prize lawn.

  • All pests handled safely and quickly
  • Licensed, expert pest control service
  • Find how mice and rats are getting in
  • Deal with insect infestations
  • Save your lawn from moles


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Whatever your pest problem, whether it be rats, mice, wasps, fleas or anything else, we can help. Based in Woodmancote near Cheltenham and Tewkesbury and covering the wider Gloucestershire area our friendly and experienced staff are waiting for your call and offer free quotes to rid you of unwanted pests in your property. Get in touch with us today.